[dɛ vo͞oʹ / dey vu] noun.
(Antonym: Déjà vu)

1.  From French dès vu, "seen from this point forward." 2.The awareness that this will become a memory. To make the memory.

Why Buy A Handmade Guitar

Custom guitars are built with the unique player in mind. Most luthiers know where each piece of wood in the guitar has originated.

Because most owners are going to take proper care of their instruments, these guitars do not need to be overbuilt, and as a result, can be built much more responsive.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with factory guitars. Much like chain restaurants, you usually know what you're going to get. These guitars are built with the masses in mind but can, at times, lack creativity, heart, and care.

We believe guitars should inspire creativity. We want to make instruments that feel like an extension of the player - guitars that you don't want to put down.

Custom Guitar Designer

Use our custom builder tool to design and specify your ideal DèsVu guitar. Explore our options, complete with visuals, pricing, and details.

Once you have the perfect design in mind, we're here to turn it into reality.